What to Do When You Encounter Emergency Plumbing

At some point in time, you will encounter a plumbing emergency. When this happens, it is important that you learn how to handle it so you can control the situation and ultimately protect your home against water damage.

You should know what to do while waiting for a plumber in delaware county pa.  Here are some tips to help you get through a situation:

Shut off the water supply

When you see a plumbing emergency, you should turn off the closest water source – as soon as you can. If it is a toilet problem, it is as simple as turning the valve at the base or it can be behind the commode. If it is a larger emergency like flooding, you should turn off the main valve.

Check the water heater

If you are experiencing a major plumbing emergency, it is prudent to turn off the water heater. This way, you are avoiding any potential damage to the unit. You should turn off the heater as soon as you shut off the main valve to prevent the heat from swelling up inside of it, which will raise the risk of overheating and bursting.

Handle small leaks

If you come across a small leak, you should stop it as soon as you can. You can start by using a plumber’s tape. If that is not enough, you can stuff rags and towels around the pipes to keep the dripping under control. You can also put buckets under the leaks to prevent further damage. As soon as the plumber arrives, ensure that these problems are addressed.

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Open spigots and drains

Remember that there will still be water in the pipes even after you shut off the main water valve. Do not worry because you can do something about it. You can move the water away from home by turning on any spigots outside your home.

For instance, you can give the garden hose a few gushes to help clear out any water. You can also try opening the drain through a plunger. Whatever happens, avoid using chemical cleaners in your pipes because it may cause more harm than good.

These tips can definitely help save your home from potential damage. Whenever an emergency happens, keep your cool. It is normal to panic but with the right mindset, you can help minimise water damage. You will be successful if you know what an emergency looks like.

A good rule of thumb is to call a plumber when you find water damage with an unidentified source. Here are some instances that warrant a plumber’s call:

  • Extremely hot water: you love a nice and warm shower but not to the point of getting a burn. If you feel that the water coming out of the showerhead or sink is steaming, you have a water heater issue.
  • Faucet drips: leaking faucet is not a plumbing emergency but it can quickly progress to a full-blown leak if left unattended for a long time. When shutting off the valve, avoid using a wrench.
  • Frozen pipes: another emergency is a frozen pipe. When the pipes freeze, it will mean that there is damage requiring a plumber immediately.