Protect your roof from extreme hail damage

Weather can be quite unpredictable, especially if it is something like hail which can be quite turbulent and damaging. Saskatoon is one town which has witnessed a lot of hail storms in the past and they can really affect the roof shingles. Hail shingles Saskatoon are quite common which can be quite harmful and the manufacturer’s who is responsible for roof shingle damage do not give the warranty of the damage that is caused by the hail. However one should cover the study and review all the details related to roof shingles beforehand only.

Before getting roof shingles for your home it is better to first see which type of roofing is best for your home. There are different types of roofing that can be used to protect the house from hail damage especially in areas like Saskatoon where weather conditions can get turbulent.

Types of roofing to protect the house

Hail shingles Saskatoon is common so here are a few types of roofing that can be done

  • Asphalt shingles- This roofing is found in most of the homes and it can be reinforced with organic materials. These shingles last upto 20 years and have a fire rating of class A; this roofing works well in hail storms. It is recommended to add some roof cement under each shingle for protection.
  • Metal- The metal roofing is quite attractive and quite lightweight which last upto 40 years; the metal roofs may have a fire rating of class A or B. One disadvantage of this roofing is that it can get a permanent dimple if hit by hail.
  • Slate- Another type of roofing is the slate roofing which is better and longer than shingles. Getting slate roofing can be quite expensive and there are some structures that do not support the slate roofing which is one drawback.
  • Wood shingles- The wood shingles as the name suggest are made up of wood, wood shingles look quite attractive and are known to be decent performance wise.
  • Tiles- The tile roofs are quite common and popular; they are quiet durable and last for 30 years and more. During hail storms their performance is depended upon the type of tile. Getting tile roofing done involves a lot of labour cost and there are some roof structures that don’t support their heavy weight.

Hail is known to cause heavy and extreme damage, which is why it is recommended to choose a roof carefully as hail can cause damage to the roof not only from outside but from inside; roof damage can further lead to water leakage in the hose which can lead to flooding of the house. Prevent such damages but installing a roof which not only keeps you house from outside secure but also from the inside.