Caring for Your Plants

Plants are no different from our children; we raise them from seed to become a big tree one day. We water them every day; pluck the bad habits (dead leaves) from them, teach them to stand tall and upright no matter the intensity of storms that try to uproot them. The real value of growing a plant and caring for it is known to the farmer, who tirelessly maintains his vast farm and works to keep it safe from various kinds of pest attacks and other dangers.

A garden farm is not something huge in size, but it has the same importance for a gardener and teaches them the same principles of loyalty and love towards nature. The explains some of the most important aspects that go into the making of a successful gardener producing healthy plants. You need to learn some important aspects of raising plants like water, soil, fertilizers, pruning, and consistency.


  1. Water: The water requirement varies for different plants, but the principle is the same. The roots should be soaked in water, and depending on the depth of the roots, you need to water it until the roots are completely moist. However, ensure that you do not flood the field with water as it will cost you the health of your plants.
  2. Soil:The plants grow in the soil,therefore; it is the most important aspect of growing a healthy plant. It is the soil that decided the amount of water to be used and what effect will, temperature have on the plant, what kind of nutrients can be used among other things.
  3. Fertilizer:The fertilizers are an excellent source of providing extra nutrient to the plants which are devoid of it naturally. However, the fertilizers should be used with care and in the prescribed ratio. If you want to go for the natural ways of growing, then you can always make your compost with the help of home organic waste materials.
  4. Cutting and pruning:Plants cannot differentiate between the well-grown plant parts and other under growing parts. It is up to us to cut away the long branches and unnecessary buds so that the essential nutrients can travel to different plant parts.
  5. Consistent conditions: Nobody likes sudden changes in the environment, not even the plants. It is your job to provide the same conditions to a plant for growing which is best suited to them. An abrupt change in it can lead to disruption in its growth.

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