“Maintenance” of a bathroom should be given propriety. Maybe this sounds impractical, but this is essential. Hygiene comes before the pleasure A bath can give us pleasure on a regular basis. But the hygiene is also a compulsory one. Showers are the most lovable part of a bath for people. So, these need to be molded with great efficiency to suit everyone. So, the skillful hands of the manufacturers from harneymfg has brought its brand new products to the market to make it an excitable one for the customers.


This is a showerhead that is considered to be a perfect one according to many customers. The shower has the capability of a number of settings that have a massaging effect. Besides, the awesome feature of a shower head with filter helps to reduce the Chlorine level as well as the smell of the sulfur.


This product is an exceptional one because of the two-way facility. The two-way facility allows the shower to be used both as a shower head as well as a handheld shower. It is much economical. Moreover, the additional features of anti-clogging nozzles having water settings and also the warranty of a lifetime service sounds great. The full detail of a handheld shower will be dealt in the next section.



A handle shower head is very important to get some of the biggest advantages:

  1. It is very easy to rinse off the shower after the usage with the help of a handle held showerhead.
  2. It is easy to bathe the kids.
  3. A bath can be done with great care using a handle held shower in a sitting position.

Installation of a handle held showerhead is tough at times if the bathroom plumbing is outdated. Forceful unscrewing of the components may result in damaging the pipes which are present deeper in the walls. It is better to always hire a skilled plumber for the handling such delicate things or prevent them from damage. Though the pipe dope and Teflon which are important parts of a handheld showerhead installation is not supplied, it needs to be used during the installation.


There are a plenty of advantages of the ceiling shower:

  • The baths are quicker with a speedy flow of the water. It is a stylish way of batching which will give the real enjoyment of having a bath.
  • A ceiling shower can be an awesome idea to give a steady flow of water as well as enhance the look of the bathroom.
  • If the previous plumbing was not done in a tight manner, it is quite easy to install a second one at that position. This can be done easily with arms that follow the screwing and unscrewing of the parts. You can get the full detail of the process of plumbing by visiting the website

No matter what is the size or standard of the toilet is, it is the best option to keep it clean for a safe use. There are many other solutions like the solution of baking soda and lemon, but the above two products suit well. A proper maintenance can make the product last for several years undoubtedly.